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About Muscle Minds

Personalized care for your mind and body

Our philosophy behind Muscle Minds is that the mind and body work in unison, thus cannot be treated as separate entities.   At Muscle Minds, we work to create a safe space to help facilitate the exercise and training of one's physical and mental health, striving for total wellness.  With a healthy and strong  mind, the body may follow.  With a healthy and strong body, the mind may follow.  Wherever you may be in your wellness journey, we can help you meet your goals.   With compassion and support, we will be with you each step of the way.   



With You Every Step of the Way



Individual, family, and couples

I provide services to children, adolescents, and adults.  My therapeutic approach mainly incorporates broad cognitive-behavioral approaches with humanistic foundations.  Therapy does not need to be confined within four walls, thus many approaches may involve telehealth, the outdoors, and flexibility in location depending on your needs.

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Personal Training

Exercise as medicine

Research has shown numerous physical and mental health benefits of exercise.  Depending on each individual's needs, personal training may be available in addition to therapy.  Enhancing the body simultaneously with the mind can have numerous benefits.


Consultation Services

Quality Care

Whether you are an individual or business, consultation with a psychologist may be beneficial in progressing you or your company further!  Whether you are in need of a wellness program, exercise routine, parenting skills, or program development, consultation services are available.

Psychodiagnostic Testing

Get Clarity

Testing can be beneficial in clarifying areas of strength and areas that may be improved.  This may contribute to creating a treatment plan that best suits your needs.  Coming soon!

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