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Lyndee M. Taketa, Psy.D

About me

Welcome!  Thank you for visiting Muscle Minds!!  My name is Lyndee and I am a licensed clinical psychologist, certified personal trainer, and your Muscle Minds advocate.  I am very passionate about approaching wellness from a bio-psycho-social-emotional-spiritual approach, as we are more than just mind or body.  We cannot expect wellness if we don't look at the whole picture. 


 Having been born and raised in Hawaii, I have been blessed with cultural values of family, aloha, respect, humility, and common humanity, among many others.  This foundation has allowed me the opportunity for a unique approach to wellness and outlook on life.  


My services operate with the understanding that we work together as a team, utilizing your expertise along with mine.  I value flexibility and creativity in achieving your goals, always with your success in mind.  

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